Unreal Engine 4 Plugins


EasyActions is an easy to use plugin that allows you to manage various time-based actions with various ease-in/out functions.

In addition you can use this plugin in your blueprint project without the need of writing a single line of code!

There are various actions you can manage:

  • Actor actions – move, rotate, scale, follow Bezier curve (path).

  • Dynamic material actions – blend between colors, fade in/out (requires dynamic material with matching vector properties).

Watch: Demo | Tutorial | Sample

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AutoDecalMerger Plugin is very useful for adding up certain gore level for your top down game, or for similar concepts.

The Plugin merges overlapping Vertically Projected Decals (spawned by DecalManagerComponent) thus reducing pixel overdraw to as low as possible.

This allows you to have hundreds of translucent Decals in a dense area, the denser the area the more decals you can merge.


The heavy processing is done on a background thread, allowing as less performance impact on the game thread as possible.

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BPThreads Plugin is very useful for off-loading heavy tasks to another thread without writing a single line of code.


You can use custom Mutex, Event, and Thread Safe Boolean for thread synchronization.

The thread can be set to auto-loop and/or auto-start (see tutorial 00:48 sec)


Using this plugin is as easy as adding an actor component and binding a delegate to your function (event), while increasing the performance of your game!

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Easy Popups Plugin allows you to easily manage user/player input for popup dialogs and other user input dependent stuff in Blueprints.


You can receive or send user input in one latent Blueprint node with no need for: delegates, macros, state management, etc.


You can also receive or send user input to/from anywhere you want: menu popup dialog, actor to actor, etc

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*Icon art taken from www.flaticon.com by Freepik (www.freepik.com)

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Animated Characters


Thai Boxer Character & Animation created by Alexander Spivak.

Roma Levin, who boxed and consulted, was the motion capture model for this character.

Our aim was to create animations realistic and professional look.

We didn't include knee kicks in this collection.

Pack including:

  • Character in humanoid rig and with PBR shaders.

  • 145 animations in 9 FBX files. Contains root motion data.

  • Notes with animation time list.

  • Character controller is not included.

Character: 17,198 polygons, 34,304 triangles, 17,715 vertexes. Rig: 65 bones.

Diffuse, normals and specular 4096X4096

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